Monday, August 15, 2005

First day out

Here we go - first day out. Arrived at around 8am and left at noon. My feet killed so I'll be wearing running shoes tomorrow, and go in a little later than 8. LIke 10 maybe! It was OK, but I can see how it can start getting old. Four hours of walking around in an oval shape can get tiresome. And we're running out of conversation fast. I now know exactly what everyone's reading and had to eat for lunch yesterday. Anyway, it's a good chance for catching up with people and there is certainly a sense of solidarity among us.

Management and the union have not resumed talks and aren't even at the table. Who knows how long this will last. Mgmt have their peeps on the air DJ-ing really bad CanCon music. They're going to run out of material - fast.

I know... we look too happy to be on lock out. Trust me the novelty will begin to wear out. In the pic: (l to r) Leanne, me, JD and Linda.


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