Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Fruit is so utterly overreated. Health nuts rave about these multi-purpose edible objects. Their skins makes your hair shinier, your skin glow, fight cancer, cure anxiety. You name it, fruit does it apparently. Please. All fruit does for me is leave me gagging, my eyes watery, my throat clogged up and my lips itchy and bright red for days.

I developed an allergy to every kind of fruit about two years ago, and it's only getting worse. I can't eat apples, pears, plums, cherries, any kind of berry without hacking and regretting it woefully afterwards. I'm assuming it's the pesticide on the fruit that's the culprit. Even before allergies, I was never a big fan. Fruit is messy and requires a lot of work to eat - peeling, pitting, juice running down your arms, stones to remove, skin to discard of. Ugh. I still ask people to peel oranges and mangoes for me because I can't bear the thought of doing the work and getting my fingers pruny with orange juice. The biggest shocker I received was when I nearly choked because of a banana. A BANANA! They're like the anti-fruit. They're a fruit-haters excuse to pose as a health freak. They're not messy, you technically don't have to touch the fruit whilst eating, and of course who can forget the potassium. Oh, and unlike other fruit - the DO keep you full. My friend, Caitlin, can't eat bananas at all becasue the pesticide seeps through the porous surface of the skin and infects the fruit. What a bummer.

Maybe I'm also a bit jealous of fruit eaters. I envy people who chomp on apples or pears in class and will later refuse your offering of chips because, "I just ate an apple. I'm so full!" Are you kidding me? The only thing fruit does for me is create an appetite. I'm ready for dinner after a few plums. Maybe it's because of years of trying to lose weight and having diet books tell me to breakfast on a "piece of fruit." The only thing that ever did for me was cause hunger headaches by 10a.m., leading me to the closest Tim Hortons for a medium French Van capp and a seasame bagel with cream cheese.

My New Year's resolution (or revolution) will be to eat at least one fruit a day isA. I will wash the darn thing so well it won't know what hit it. And then I will cut it up and put it in my mouth. If I am still allergic, it's another doctor's apppointment for me.

Incidentally, a melon froze to death in our fridge yesterday and my mother is trying to thaw it back to life. Melons are the only fruit I can enjoy. Only if they're sweet. And they can't be too cold... otherwise my teeth hurt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgive what might be a dumb question, but... organic? I'm sure there's someplace in Ottawa that sells pesticide-free fruit; most local markets—I hear you have one :)—and even the A&P and Loblaws stores have organic fruit here in southwestern Ontario. If not you, then it sounds like your friend might want to have a look around.

1:19 AM  
Blogger Hadeel said...

very true - there are a lot of organic options here. we bought some organic bananas this week and they are edible for me :)

7:37 AM  

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