Saturday, October 01, 2005

The chamber

I have so many plans and projects I want to accomplish or start. I want to really set a good sched for Ramadan, start on my massive amounts of reading for my classes, review some notes.

But I can't do anything yet.

Until I clean my room.

Ever since high school, my emotional, spiritual, and academic performance has depended on how clean my room is. The cleaner it is, the better I perform. Everything is put on hold until I can tidy my room up again.

Now, my room is never dirty. It's just cluttered. I mainly have a serious problem hanging things up. I have tried so hard to devise a plan to keep my room clean after tidying it, but it always falls apart. I either get too busy, forget where I wanted to keep certain things, or I accumulate more stuff I can't part with. It's a nightmare. Thing get lost in my room. Once, I found a jeans skirt that had been missing for 3 years. It just reappeared in a box I once stored it in after a cleaning expedition, and totally forgot about it.

So now, I can't start studying properly. I wake up in the morning and say to myself, today I will finish an entire reading assignment for JOUR 5000.... then remember the state of my room and turn around to fall back to sleep. I don't even haeve a system where I remember where things are. Everything is literally just.. everywhere.

But I have decided that today is a new day. I should really go clean my room.

After I make a cup of Earl Grey.